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Royal Orchid 100 ml Rebellion Eau De Perfume for men

  • Royal Orchid 100 ml Rebellion Eau De Perfume for men

  • A long lasting Luxury perfume for men

  • Eau de perfume 

  • 100 ml 

  •  Grapefruit, Ambroxan and woody Notes

  • CATEGORIES: Men Fragrance

Rebellion Eau De Perfume is known as the stone that sees all, the shimmering golden-brown tiger’s eye draws its energy from the trembling of the Earth and the Sun and infuses the Eau de Parfum with power, force and passion. Like the name of the fragrance, this bright stone is inspired by the majestic feline and conveys the fiery courage, action and mental power of the great Indian Rebellion. Mirroring the stone's natural chromatic duality, the initial burst of sparkling grapefruit gives way to zesty ginger and an incredibly rich, mineral woodiness depth in the dry down.

It is a stand alone Rebellion that diffuses the characteristics of  bold fighter , blended well with citrusy and grape fruit ingredients the ambroxan acts as a sword to this long lasting dynamic fragrance 

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