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Oppulence Blend Eau De Perfume

  • Oppulence Blend 

  • 80 ml 
  • Eau de Perfume

  • Combined with Fruity, Oriental and Spicy notes 

  • Long Last Perfume for men 
  • Inspired by Bvlgari-Tygar
  • CATEGORIES: Men Fragrance

The master stroke formulation made by The Royal Orchid Perfumes , it is a must to be in summer collection. Oppulence Blend EDP represents a super-modern style of perfumery, inspired by something beyond the constraints of the natural world. The scent is relatively strong, diffusive and appealing. The opening starts with a refreshing natural grapefruit juice , ambroxan and woody note.Despite being relatively simple, Oppulence Blend does have modern twists that let it shine in a crowded arena. With its crowd-pleasing profile and radiance, you will smell good to those around you. That's all that men want in a perfume! 

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