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Ejaazi Bakhoor 100grm

  • Ejaazi Bakoor 
  • 100 Grm 
  • Made in Uae 
  • A mixed amber and woody scent, with a very rich olfactory pyramid.
  • Notes: Aquatic , with sandalwood, vetiver, bergamot
  • CATEGORIES: Home Fragrance

Like a jewel in its case, the Ejaazi Ard al Zaafaran bakhour is waiting for only one thing: to come into combustion in order to reveal all its aromas. And what aromas! This incense is a real journey for the senses, an invitation to relaxation, even to meditation. Make your home a haven of peace, in which the atmosphere will be sublimated by this aromatic charcoal. Bakhour Ejaazi Ard al Zaafaran: a pure olfactory delight Bakhoor is a facet of oriental perfumery that is still little known in the West. And yet, incense is a real art, which goes beyond the simple fact of "perfuming a room". By lighting the Ejaazi Lattafa bakhour, you make your interior a welcoming place. But also warm, relaxing, ready to cheerfully receive last-minute guests. It has marine notes, but also very woody and amber. We will then discover sandalwood, bergamot, cedar wood or even vetiver. But also amber, of course, the real treasure of our oceans.In short, without a doubt, this home fragrance will sublimate your rooms. But it will know how to impregnate your clothes and your hair, for a most pleasant trail.How to use Ejaazi bakhour? It will suffice to bring a censer as well as a coal to burn. Then, place a small amount of your bakhoor on the glowing charcoal. Finally, let the scents emerge with poetry and delicacy, in an enchanting cloud of smoke. Precautions: once lit, your incense burner must be placed in a safe place to avoid any risk of burns.

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