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  • High density rich very high grade perfume for men

  • Long lasting performance 

  • resins. Amber. Sandalwood. Birch. Tabac. Musk. Leather. Nutmeg. Tuberose. Taif Rose, Civet ,  Castorium , Oud

  • The ingredients used here are top notch!

  • 30 ml
  • CATEGORIES: Men Fragrance

Mushk Oud by Kanauj is by far the most potent juice from all from Kannauj. Strong, and extremely likeable. There's Oud, probably Hindi Oud (+Assamese oud which is listed), which is made supremely wearable, not what most real Ouds tend to be. 

This is just so.. approachable. Probably because there's all sorts of florals that sweetens the Ouds and the woods here. There's even resins. Amber. Sandalwood. Birch. Tabac. Musk. Leather. Nutmeg. Tuberose. Taif Rose. An endless list but I can't even tell how it's all structured because it's blended so well together.

The sum of the perfume is clearly larger, more awesome (not the pop 'awesome', the literary 'awesome') than the ingredients that comprises it, so I won't really refer to the materials more than absolutely necessary. The first thing you notice about this is how strong it projects, irrespective of the scent. Which has to count for something in perfumery. The second thing you notice is an erect wood enveloped in a lovely smoke, courtesy of the incense. On closer attention, you get whiffs of the animalics from the different ouds; animalics made surprisingly savoury by carefully composed florals added to it. And with time emerges a rough texture in the scent owing probably to the leather and the spices which rounds this fragrance off in a.. wholesome manner. I've never heard anyone use 'wholesome' for Oud scents before, so hear me be the first. Man, is this some good work from India.

This is a fragrance with a resolution. It projects for a solid one hour off of your clothes, and gives off a powerful sillage for 3-4 hours, after which it feels like you're wearing.. smoke. I imagine this would work extremely well in winters and slightly cooler summer evenings. This is probably my first encounter with a genuinely well made Indian perfume. It's not exactly unique enough to be considered a masterpiece, but it's good enough to fool anyone that it just might be one. Excellent, just short of something extraordinary. Big recommendation to anyone but especially men who might be reading this. Worth the $$. Urging anyone looking to get a perfume for the coming winter to go for this beast.

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